If you sell online, and even if you have only a small presence, it it tempting to look at your statistics daily and do everything to improve them.

Follow the latest optimisation tips and Google will love you.

The trouble is Google is not your customer. Google will never buy anything from you.

Pleasing Google is great only if when doing so you please your customers as well.


On the Internet, the next website in only one click away.

Give a reason for your customers to shop with you: provide more pictures than your competitors.

Do not use only the official product shots, take your own. Show the packaging and the content. The more pictures you have, the happier your customers.



How many emails do you send a day?

You can easily use all those messages to advertise for you, for free.

Simply add a signature at the bottom of each of them. Your email system can be set up to automatically add it for you (ask a friend or some IT guy to help you if needs be).

Do not overdo it, a simple line like “Ask me about our newest product” will be enough to make a difference.

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